Encuentros médicos

Hosted ByAna Gonzalez Tobar

¿Quieres mejorar la comunicación con tus pacientes hispanohablantes? Con este Podcast mejorarás no solo tu español médico sino que aprenderás aspectos importantes sobre la cultura latina y sobre cómo trabajar con un intérprete.

13. Las 30 frases más útiles para el triaje de enfermería

Are you a nurse working at triage at a hospital, clinic or health center?

Imagine being able to ask all the assessment questions to your patient in their own language.

In this episode you will find some of the Most useful questions and phrases that you can use with Spanish-speaking patients in these situations.

Remember, In Spanish all adjectives have to match the name in gender, and you have to think if your patient is or identifies as masculine or feminine.

Let’s use the form “usted”. It is more formal and shows more respect. But if you feel more comfortable you can use “TU”

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