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A podcast for Spanish learners and music lovers. Your host, visual artist Raul G, uses pop songs to help you learn useful language, grammar and simple phrases. in the process you will also discover great singer-songwriters, famous in the Hispanic world.

22- Muy punk indeed: Evaristo y La Polla Records

La Polla Records, known by fans simply as La Polla, emerged from Álava, in the Basque Country (el País Vasco) right at the end of the 70’s. In a strictly punk sense, the group were to Spain what the Sex Pistols were to England.

Theirs was scathing, take-no-prisoners protest music for Spain’s fledging democracy in the early 80’s. The stuff that Evaristo (lead singer) was saying in his lyrics was a bit too much for most people at the time to handle. Mainstream radio wouldn’t touch La Polla with a bargepole, so it enjoyed a truly cult status amongst fans. Which was, of course, part of the fun of it all.

The song No somos nada, their 1986 eponymous record’s opening track, is a sort of manifesto for the group: ‘this is who are are’. And what is that? Well: somos los nietos de los obreros que nunca pudisteis matar. somos los nietos de los que perdieron la Guerra Civil. No somos nada. No somos nada.

Listen to the episode to learn more about La Polla Records, los cómics de Astérix el Galo, el rock radical vasco, the art of Spanish defecation, and why in our language ‘ser la polla’ is a very desirable thing.

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