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If you are a beginning Spanish student, you've come to the right place. In Speaking Spanish for Beginners, we teach you how to speak Spanish in a smooth and fun way. Our show is hosted by Spanish teachers from Latin America. Let's get started and speak Spanish!

#8 – Irregular Verbs in Present Tense

In this episode, we talk about irregular verbs in Spanish. They are called irregular because, unlike regular verbs, they do not follow the same predictable patterns. That’s why the change that applies to these verbs must be learnt by frequent exposure to Spanish. That’s why practicing very often is key to mastering irregular verbs. 

Another additional difficulty is that one verb might be irregular in one tense, but not necessarily in another one. So keep this in mind as you move forward with Spanish. With time you will develop a “sense” as to when one verb just doesn’t sound right. That will come with time. Instead of just memorizing long list of irregular verbs, we would advice you to select a few common ones and create meaning sentences, that way your brain can make clear connections with what is being learnt. 

Examples of some frequent irregular verbs (present tense)
Ser (to be, description): yo soy, tú eres. él/ella/usted es, nosotros somos, ustedes son, ellos son. 
Estar (to be, location): yo estoy, tú estás, él/ella/usted está, nosotros estamos, ustedes están, ellos están. 
Jugar (to play): yo juego, tú juegas, él/ella/usted juega, nosotros jugamos, ustedes juegan, ellos juegan.
Tener (to have): yo tengo, tú tienes, él/ella/usted tiene, nosotros tenemos, ustedes tienen, ellos tienen. 
Dormir (to sleep): yo duermo, tú duermes, él/ella/usted duerme, nosotros dormimos, ustedes duermen, ellos duermen. 

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