Fluent in Spanish

Hosted ByCarmen Muñoz

Fluent in Spanish podcasts are made by me, Carmen, a professional Spanish teacher who started her career living abroad in 2002. In my experience, learning a foreign language requires a solid grammar base, and a conversational approach. I explain Spanish grammar drills, Spanish idioms, and vocabulary words, so you can go from learning Spanish to speaking it.

B-005: The Difference between crecer vs. criar vs. criarse vs. cultivar

How do you talki about growth in Spanish? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people make common mistakes when using verbs like “crecer,” “criar,” “criarse,” and “cultivar.” In this podcast, we’ll explain the differences between these verbs and teach you how to say “to grow” in Spanish correctly. Visit www.fluentinspanish.org for more free content.

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