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The Customer is Always Right! Spanish Customer Service

In this episode we focus on customer service terms and best practices. We start by learning new vocabulary, and incorporate these new terms into several translation exercises.  Finally, we listen to three Spanish dialogs of a customer and service representative resolving issues.  Business Spanish on YouTube: Visit our website for the customer service vocabulary,…

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From Lemons to Lemonade: Interview with Entrepreneur Sandra, Part 2

In this episode of Business Spanish, we continue our conversation with former Coca-Cola Mexico executive Sandra (listen to part 1 of her interview in Episode 2). Today she explains how she made the switch from corporate business woman to successful entrepreneur, and made lemonade from the lemons life threw her way.  First we introduce some…

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Conducting a Job Interview

In this episode of Business Spanish, we are hiring!  We learn several terms related to employment interviews and hiring, and use them in translation exercises. Then, we go over several common questions asked in a job interview and listen to some possible responses to those questions. Visit our website for key hiring and interview terms…

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Aviation Procurement: Entrevista con Juliana Martín

In this episode of Business Spanish, we chat with Julianne, a procurement professional for an international aircraft manufacturer.   As she tells us about her company and her role as a buyer, we pause the conversation to review key points and vocabulary.  In a future bonus episode, Julianne will join us again to recount her…

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International Balloon Company: Conducting Fiesta Business in Latin America

In this episode of Business Spanish, Michelle recounts her work with Latin American distributors in the party balloon business.  We listen to a Spanish narrative of her responsibilities, then analyze the business terms in the passage.  Visit our website a transcript and translation of the narrative and key business terms: Email me with…

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Interview with Sandra: Coca-Cola Mexico Executive and Entrepreneur, Part 1 of 2

In this episode of Business Spanish, we speak one-on-one with a former information systems executive of Coca Cola Mexico. In this interview, Sandra recounts her path of professional development and shares how her team was key to the digital transformation of a corporate giant in the Mexico City metro area.  During the interview, we pause…

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Making a Great First Impression! Introductions, Courtesies, Basic Business Terms and Dialog

In this inaugural episode of Business Spanish, we share some cultural tips for doing business in Spain and Latin America, learn some basic business vocabulary and introductory phrases, and listen to and analyze a dialog in Spanish between two business professionals. Visit my website for the cultural notes, vocabulary, dialog transcript and translation. Email me…

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Business Spanish Podcast Trailer

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Business Spanish! The Business Spanish podcast will help you develop your skills as a bilingual professional in negotiation and communication, whether you’re in the board room or the break room!  This podcast is the first of its kind for beginner to intermediate learners of Spanish who want to improve their practical and…

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