chilean spanish for gringos

Chilean Spanish for Gringos course announcement!

¡Wena, gringo! This is a short message to let you know we’re working hard on the new course Chilean Spanish for Gringos which will be available in October. ¡La weá pulenta, po! 😎

You can still join our waiting list for the course in the following…

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Do Chileans speak English?

Are Chileans good at speaking English? Are “weones” up to the task of having a basic conversation in a different language? In this episode we discuss the level of English you can expect if you visit Chile.

You will also find specific examples of…

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What is “weón” in Chile?

¡Hola, weón! In this episode you will learn some of the meanings of the word “weón” in Chilean Spanish. ¡La weá bacán!

“Weón” has many uses that it is sometimes confusing for people from other countries, even native Spanish speakers. That’s why…

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Chile vs USA, Independence day celebrations 🥊

Both Chile and the United States have an independence day. Are the celebrations similar? In this episode Natalia and Marco compare the two celebrations. Which one has more “chichita”? Let’s find out in this new episode.

Join our waiting list for…

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Is Chilean Spanish really hard to understand? 😰

In this episode Natalia talks about what makes Chilean Spanish special and why some people consider it to be “difficult”… But is it really?

This episode originally aired on the podcast “Español casi Perfecto”, a podcast to learn Spanish for women…

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What is Chilean food like? 🤔

In this episode Natalia and Marco talk about Chilean food 🥗. You will learn about eating habits of Chileans, some common ingredients in their food, and the meaning of “once”. Why do they use the number 11 to talk about dinner? 🤔

This episode…

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3 Common Spanish words with sexual connotation in Chile 🌶️

In this episode Natalia and Marco talk about some common Spanish words that have a sexual connotation in Chile 🥵.

⚠️ Be careful! Because these words that you might have learnt from your Spanish books have an unwanted effect in “Chilito”.

📝 Get…

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3 places we love 💕 (and one we hate 😡) from Chile.

In this episode Natalia and Marco talk about three places they love😍 (and one they hate 😡) from Chile. A perfect episode to get to know some interesting spots in “Chilito”.

Which one will you visit some day? Did any of the places mentioned…

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Why “Chilean Spanish” and why “for Gringos”?

Introducing “Chilean Spanish for Gringos”, a podcast that will help you better understand your “amigos chilenos”.

🇨🇱 If you’re planning to come to Chile and have heard Chileans speak the hardest Spanish you’ll ever hear, this program will allow…

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🎊 We’re excited to share this podcast with you! In this episode we explain what Chilean Spanish for Gringos is all about.

Maybe you’re wondering “Why Chilean Spanish?” As the rumor goes it’s the hardest to understand. But is that the case?


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