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Fome in Chile 🥱

In today’s episode, I unveil the word “fome” for you.

😬 Hoping you don’t find the episode boring, of course.

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The Chilean pronunciation 😵‍💫

💪🏼 Today you will discover some tips and tricks to understand Chileans when they speak and why not? to sound like one too!

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Cuático 💦 Chile meaning

Today we’re gonna talk about the word “cuático” or “cuática”…

Did you know that there is a relationship with water 😵‍💫?

Find it out here!

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Al tiro or altiro? 🔫

🔫 😱 In this episode you will learn the origin of the word “altiro”…

😅 There will be no weapons! So play it easy and enjoy it.

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Why Chileans say “po”?

Sí, po!
Ya, po!
Weena po!

😅 We Chileans compulsively say “po” and in today’s episode you’ll understand why we do it, what it means and you’ll also learn how to use it yourself.

😌 That’s the idea, po!

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