Speaking Spanish for Beginners

Latin American Trash TV 📺 (from Aprende Español con Latin ELE)

TV programs with more drama than Jerry Springer? Discover the Trash TV programs latinos watch and learn Spanish with them.

This is a fragment of our intermediate podcast Aprende Español con Latin ELE, you can listen to the full episode here👇…

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48. Less Quesadillas, More Sentadillas (Gym Vocabulary in Spanish) 💪

🏋️ Get ready to swap out ‘quesadillas’ for ‘sentadillas’ in this energizing episode of Speaking Spanish for Beginners!

Discover the world of gym vocabulary en español as we dive into exercises, equipment, and even useful words for ordering your…

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¡Vamos! Spanish Beginner Podcast Companion

📣 Introducing our ¡Vamos! Spanish Beginner Podcast Companion.

This incredible resource is designed to help you improve your Spanish skills along with each podcast episode of Speaking Spanish for Beginners, providing a perfect complement to reinforce…

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Useful Spanish Classroom Vocabulary 🍎 (REPLAY)

📕 Just getting started with Spanish lessons this September? This episode will get you speaking from day one by teaching you the basics of asking questions and using Spanish confidently.

⬆️ Ready to take your Spanish skills to the next level? 💪 Join…

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Greetings and Farewells in Spanish (REPLAY)

Not sure where to begin your Spanish aventura?

Join host Marco in this episode of Speaking Spanish for Beginners as he explores the ins and outs of greetings and farewells. From “Hola” to “Adiós,” learn the essential phrases to confidently connect…

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Spanish Beginner Intensive Program 💪 (September – October 2023)

📚 Join Latin ELE’s Spanish Beginner Intensive Program! An immersive language-learning experience designed for individuals ready to skyrocket their Spanish skills.

Become part of this experience and receive expert guidance, engaging group coaching…

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47. 🛎️ Hotel Vocabulary in Spanish: Confidently Handling Check-ins

🏨 Not sure how to talk to the receptionist at the hotel on your next trip to Latin America?

Join us for an engaging episode where we focus on hotel check-in vocabulary in Spanish. This beginner-friendly podcast features:

🛎️ A simulated dialogue at…

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46. 🇨🇴 Exploring Colombia, Insights from a Native Spanish Teacher

Join us in this exciting episode as we dive into the rich tapestry of Colombia, guided by Jessica, a passionate Colombian Spanish teacher.

In this episode you’ll learn:
🇨🇴 A basic description of Colombia, giving you an introduction to the country

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45. ‘Caro’ and ‘Carro’?… Spanish Minimal Pairs

🎧 Looking to level up your Spanish pronunciation? Tune in to our captivating episode on Spanish minimal pairs!

Discover why tiny sound variations can make or break your language skills. From confusing ‘pero’ with ‘perro’ to unraveling the mystery of…

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Spanish Summer Intensive: 8 Weeks to Success (2023)

☀️ Looking to learn Spanish this summer? Not sure where to start or how to stay motivated?

In this episode, we’ve got the solution for you! Our Spanish Summer Intensive program, designed specifically for beginners like you who want to improve their…

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