Speaking Spanish for Beginners

5 verbs ending in -AR

In this episode you will learn five verbs ending in -AR.

We will learn them in context. For doing that, we will first have a listening comprehension exercise, where a person describes his job using verbs in present tense, and then we’ll analyze…

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Ser and Estar for Beginners

“Ser” or “Estar”? That’s the question… And a BIG QUESTION for Spanish students who normally wonder why there are two verbs in Spanish that mean “to be”.

In this episode you will learn more about them using a short dialogue to illustrate some…

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Months 📅 and Seasons ☂️☀️ in Spanish

What are the name of the months in Spanish? How do you say “spring”? How do you ask people about their favorite season? In this new episode of Speaking Spanish for Beginners you will learn all in a simple way.

¿Cuál es tu estación favorita? ¿Por…

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Announcement: About Show Notes

¡Hola! This is a short announcement to let you know we recently made some changes on our website. We’ve been working on this for some time and the new web is ready.

Regarding the show notes, they will not be available in this new web. Instead, I…

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Student’s Homework: Micah (Course: Speaking Spanish for Beginners)

In this episode you will hear the final homework of our student Micah. In this short interview, he used all he learnt in the course “Spanish for Beginners” to have a conversation with me in Spanish.

¡Muy bien, Micah! ¡Felicitaciones!

✅ Start…

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Differences between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish

In this episode, I address a common question among my students: What’s the difference between Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish? Are there any differences at all? 🤔

Well, let’s find out in this new episode of Speaking Spanish for Beginners….

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Do you speak Spanglish?

When two languages share a space, physically or virtually, it is natural to see an influence of them on each other… and Spanish is not immune to that influence, there are many words we have adapted from English, especially from fields where English…

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USA Cities with Spanish Names 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 If you have never studied Spanish before, you might already know more words than you think. How so? Because many places in the United States have names that are originally from this language.

🎧 In this episode, we will review a few names with…

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Expressing Intentions in Spanish

In this episode you will learn how to express intentions in Spanish. Here is the list of contents you will find:

✅ A dialogue between friends talking about plans and intentions for the weeked (listening comprehension in Spanish)
✅ Explanation of…

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Tongue twisters in Spanish 👅

Tongue twisters are a great way to practice and improve your pronunciation and fluency in Spanish. That’s why in this episode, you will hear 5 “trabalenguas”, first slow and then at regular speed, so you can rehearse difficult sounds… and also have…

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