Qué Pasa, Raúl

Hosted ByRaúl Guerrero

A podcast for Spanish learners and music lovers. Your host, visual artist Raul G, uses pop songs to help you learn useful language, grammar and simple phrases. in the process you will also discover great singer-songwriters, famous in the Hispanic world.

Dos mininos de Siam

We’re on a trip to Disneylandia!

Today we learn about the dubbings of Disney films for Spanish and Latin American audiences. We then go on to study Lady and the Tramp’s infamous Siamese Cats Song.

Listen to Si and Am singing in a suspicious Thai accent, with a genuine Mexican flavour and a touch of Yodish for good measure. Through their song we get to explore reflexive verbs, demonym adjectives and a suffix without which Ned Flanders could not utter a complete sentence. So: just the purrrrfect number for our podcast.

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