Encuentros médicos

Hosted ByAna Gonzalez Tobar

¿Quieres mejorar la comunicación con tus pacientes hispanohablantes? Con este Podcast mejorarás no solo tu español médico sino que aprenderás aspectos importantes sobre la cultura latina y sobre cómo trabajar con un intérprete.

Primera Visita. A mini audio course for beginner level.

Do you work at a hospital, ER or clinic registration with Spanish-speaking patients?

Imagine being able to ask your patient in their own language.

In this episode you will find some of the Most useful questions and phrases that you can use with Spanish-speaking patients in these situations. T

This is the first of a new audio course series I am creating now. The first one is called Primera visita and is free and open to everyone who works at the registration desk in a clinical setting. Also if you are a health professional who is an absolute beginner and want to start getting some medical Spanish words to start a conversation with your patients, this will be very useful. You will learn symptoms and other very useful word to start launching your medical Spanish.

If you wat to get access to the audio course with all the PDF’s and transcripts you can click here

If you want to get free mini lessons every week, sign up to my Medicine in Spanish group. It is free and you can download resources to keep improving your medical Spanish.

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