Faro de Lenguas Magazine

Hosted ByFrancisco J. Martínez Vicente

That's a magazine with different sections about history, culture, grammar and vocabulary tutorials, and music. The contents are connected with the Spanish which is spoken in Latin America and Spain.

Are you looking for a new and fun way to learn Spanish?

Come hang out with Francisco, Gise and Félix from Bogotá and Murcia city and have fun while you improve your Spanish listening skills! Faro de Lenguas Magazine is a Spanish as a Second Language podcast for intermediate to advanced learners around the world.

This group of teachers will show you how to use everyday vocabulary and natural idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk in Spanish through the different sections in a practical way. We will also give you a monthly post at www.farospanishpodcast.wordpress.com with nice tools to keep fresh your Spanish level. This podcast is for adult students who are professionals and university students.

Join Francisco, Gise and Félix and the Faro de Lenguas Magazine community to learn to speak Spanish like a native at Patreon!


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