Qué Pasa, Raúl

Hosted ByRaúl Guerrero

A podcast for Spanish learners and music lovers. Your host, visual artist Raul G, uses pop songs to help you learn useful language, grammar and simple phrases. in the process you will also discover great singer-songwriters, famous in the Hispanic world.

Si te acercas, caigo

Chico conoce a chica. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl stop seeing each other. Boy and girl bump into each other in a club after one year. Timidly, they start chatting and… Well, you guessed. What had to happen, happened. The song is called El encuentro (The encounter), and is track #4 from Tiene que haber algo más, the 2021 debut album by Alizzz.

Alizzz’s Wikipedia entry describes him as músico, compositor, cantante, DJ, productor musical y representante artístico (artistic agent). So, he’s one of those people who does lots of things, and he’s good at all of them. Aah, how annoying!

Upon quitting his day job as an IT programmer and in the span of just a few years, Alizzz produced a string of musical hits for emerging bright new stars such as Rosalía, Aitana, Amaia and, perhaps most famously, C Tangana, whose Alizzz-produced album El madrileño became a sensation in 2021, only months before the producer started releasing his own singles.

A track both atmospheric and light-hearted, El encuentro includes in its lyrics colloquial expressions such as el curro, más de la cuenta or nuestros líos, all delivered in the kind of soft, laid-back accent typical of much of the current Spanish urban scene.

Alizzz sings with Amaia, duet-style. Back in 2018, the Basque singer-songwriter had been the winner of Operacion Triunfo, Spain’s famous talent show. But we won’t be holding that against her. Just for now.

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